1. All the parents / Guardians must abide by the declaration made by them in the Registration form signed by them at the time of admission of their wards.

2. Parents / Guardians must make sure that no money, valuable articles & mobile phones are carried by the students. In case of loss of any valuables, the school shall not take any responsibility.

3. Every student should come to the school in proper neat school uniform. Students shall not be allowed to attend any school activity unless he / she is in proper uniform.

4. Late arrival and absenteeism shall not be tolerated. All Students are expected to reach school on time.

5. If a student is absent from the school without prior permission in writing, a fine of Rs. 10 Per day shall be charged. Late comers will lose the day’s attendance. No Child will be allowed half day leave.

6. If the attendance of any student falls short of 75% of the classes held during the academic year, in any subject he / she shall not be permitted to appear in the final examinations.

7. Irregular attendance, obscenity in words or deed, willful and repeated breach of the school regulations, is sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the students. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the class but also for their general behavior in the school. Any report of objectionable conduct on the part of any pupil will make him / her liable to disciplinary action.

8. Students will be charged double the amount of any damage done by them.

9. All fees in respect of a student must be paid by the 10th of each month, failing which a fine of 20 Rs per month shall be charged.

10. All dues of the student should be cleared by the parents on time to avoid any complication and embarrassment.

11. Bus facilities will be provided to students at the request of the parents as per availability of seats / route.

12. In case parents make their own arrangements for bringing their wards to the school and taking him / her back they must arrange to have their wards picked up within 15 minutes of the last bell.

13. Use of unfair means in the examination is punishable. There shall be no provision for re-examination.

14. Parents, Guardians and pupils must be fully acquainted with the rules and regulations of the school. Ignorance of these will not be accepted as a valid reason or an excuse.

15. Academic Excellence is our top priority. There shall be no compromise in the field of studies.