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About collrge RULES

  • 1. The students of the college shall be required to strictly abide by the following Rules & Regulations No student shall attend any class other than his/her own.

    2. Students who have a free class shall not cause any disturbance to the students who are having classes. Students must not bring any money or costly items like jewelry etc. to the College.

    3. Students shall be charged double the price for damages caused to the property of the college. Students must follow all instructions issued by the Principal from time to time.

    4. The Security Deposit of a student shall stand forfeited if he/she is expelled/rusticated from the College by the Principal on grounds of indiscipline.

    5. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the College premises.
    6. Students coming to college on two wheelers must possess a valid driving license.

    7. A student whose attendance falls below 75%, shall not be permitted to appear in the final examinations.

    8. The Principal may at any time require a student to be withdrawn from the College on grounds of indiscipline or when the student does not abide by the College Rules.

    9. For any act of indiscipline or disrespect towards authority a student may be expelled from the college.

    10. The students should show respect to the authorities and teaching staff of the College failing which actions will be taken as deemed fit by the Principal, which includes expulsion of the student.

    11. It is absolutely forbidden to possess, carry or consume items like pan parag, any form of Gutka, tobacco, cigarettes (smoking) or alcohol (any intoxicating item) in the college premises.

    12. Ragging of any sort is forbidden and liable to legal action.